OnStage is a network of over 50 performing arts organizations that distributes over 3 million program books each season.

Let us take care of everything. We provide your organization with high quality program books. With every paper program book, your organization also gets Stageview – the future of program books. No one will care about the design of your program book more than us. All design and layout needs are met through us. We handle the cost and delivery of your program book so you can focus on your show. With no one selling more advertisement than our in-house sales force. We will  maintain all billing and collections of advertisers. Each program book includes Stageview, promotion of your season live on ArtsFreePress and a digital page turn. Even through last minute changes, we work with you to make life easier.

Please take the short questionnaire located below. We will use this information to prepare a “turnkey” sales and production proposal for publication of your upcoming seasons’ performance program books.